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Golden Ram Sportsman's Club

Individual, Family and Corporate Club Memberships
Private Big Game Ranches - Private Duck Blinds
Guided Wild Hog Hunts - Guided Trophy Tule Elk Hunts - Guided Trophy Columbian Black Tail Deer Hunts

Since 1971, Golden Ram Sportsman's Club has been California's premier club for the avid outdoorsman and their families. Founded by hunters, for hunters, Golden Ram has consistently exceeded the high expectations of California sporting enthusiasts for over 40 years. We are, in fact, the oldest club of our type in America!

Our 16 ranches and 125,000 + acres offer our members the very finest hunting, fishing and camping the Golden State has to offer, including deer, pig, bear, waterfowl, fishing, camping, turkey, pheasant, quail and lodges. We also provide elite guided Tule Elk and Columbian Black Tail hunts.

Family Weekend 2015

The Golden Ram Family Outdoor Weekend is dedicated to building outdoor skills in our youngsters, enabling them to engage in hunting and fishing opportunities, understand the importance of wildlife conservation management, learn to appreciate natural resources, and preserve our fishing and hunting heritage.

8:30am Saturday June 27th thru June 28th @ Hedgepeth Ranch, Camp 3 Area
Arrive on June 26th


family weekendWeekend Activities:

  • Survival Skills
  • Catch & Release Fishing
  • Firearms Safety Instruction
  • Supervised Archery Range Shooting
  • Supervised Rim Fire Range Shooting **
  • Supervised BB Gun & Slingshot Range Shooting **
  • Potato Canon Competition ***
  • Animal Tracking
  • bugSwimming
  • Hiking
  • Orienteering
  • Stream Exploring

* Kids must participate in firearms safety instruction before accessing the ranges

*** Bring your favorite potato canon for competition

 potato cannonWhat to do next:

  • To register:
  • Even if you. don't have a family membership you can bring your family to this event. There is no fee for Golden Ram members.
  • You must also complete a liability release form that identifies all members of your family
  • archery prepared to camp for the weekend. No food or accommodation will be provided.


Special note to members:

  • If you have a friend that is a hunter and they have an interest in joining Golden Ram have them send an email to info@goldenramhunting.com . We will talk to them and if they are serious about joining the club we may be able to provide an invitation to this private club event. There will be a non-member fee of $100 for the weekend if they are invited.
  • instructionPlease do not extend this invitation to anyone who has not expressed a serious interest in joining Golden Ram. It's not an open invitation.
  • We need your help. We'd like to request members help in supervising activities and would ask that you volunteer for an hour to supervise an activity. We'll have a sign up sheet available at the ranch. 


Checkout some of the fun on our new Family Weekend page.



Membership inquiries are welcome.

Call Golden Ram at
or use our Contact Form.

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Golden Ram Sportsman's ClubGolden Ram Sportsman's ClubGolden Ram Sportsman's Club, Inc.

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